Plot 83 : An Urban Legend

The small suburban town Muse A and Muse B live in is in many ways the same as hundreds of others across the country. Like many places it harbors a few local urban legends and scary stories passed on over weekend bonfires and at summer camps The most well known here is the story of the ‘Pigman.’ The Pigman was a farmer who lived on the rural outskirts of town. He was a private man, so private in fact, that in order to keep the locals away from his property, the Pigman would place the heads of butchered swine on stakes near the end of his long, winding driveway to discourage any solicitors. Back in the 1950’s three troublemaking teenagers had trespassed onto the Pigman’s farm. The following night it wasn’t the heads of pigs that adorned the stakes, but the heads of the unwelcome interlopers, their decapitated corpses swinging from the road’s overpass. Now it’s almost considered a rite of passage to drive down Pigman Road at night. The especially brave will park the car and take a midnight walk underneath the bridge. With Halloween in the air, Muse A and Muse B decide to embark on this little adventure. The drive is fairly uneventful and although the backwoods setting is a little creepy for the suburb dwellers, Muse A wants to impress Muse B with their bravery, and talks them into going for a stroll.

It starts quietly enough, but then the pair begin to hear the sound of metal against metal out in the field, almost as if someone is hammering a post into the ground. Muse B’s mind starts to imagine the worst, but Muse A assures them it is nothing. Muse A advances towards the sound, determined to prove that it’s all a case of Muse B’s imagination running wild. Muse B stays with the car, too spooked to follow. The minutes tick on and Muse B becomes more and more worried about Muse A’s absence. Finally Muse A comes running in a panic, shouting at Muse B to get in the car, but when they both jump in and lock the doors, the car refuses to start. They’re stranded on Pigman Road.

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"I am NOT yours! You do NOT own me!" (Theycallmestiff)

Nobody ever said anything about owning. Sure Tobias was
protective but, he didn’t think he owned her. He eyes turned
cold though at the words. 

                                “Fine then go. I’m not keeping you here.” 


Tris had been awake for hours, tied up to a chair with duck tape to her lips to keep from screaming. She stared at Tobias’ lifeless body for hours, wondering when he was going to wake up and praying that he was okay and not severely hurt.

Some person in a black mask punched her in the ribs and that caused Tris to screech out in pain through her duck taped lips. Tris’ eyes opened widely when noticing that Tobias was awake. She heard him say her name and it comforted her, despite their current situation. She desperately wanted to talk back to him but couldn’t. The blonde yanked at her tied up hands in attempt to break free, but the knots were too tight. Think Tris think, no idea came to mind. She was helpless and it angered her. Don’t you dare touch him, she thought to herself as the person in the black mask hauled him up off the floor. Rage and fury shooting out from her glazed eyes. He was going to tie him up next. Then Tobias would be helpless as well. What the hell was he going to do to them? Why was this happening? So many questions flooded her head. 

His eyes weren’t focusing. There was something warm running
into them , blood. Attempting to blink it was futile.


Where was she? There was not a doubt that she was here as
well— unless something else happened to her. But, that
couldn’t be right. Tobias would know if something had happened. 

Dragging him to his feet Tobias knew what was coming next. He
didn’t live through Jeanine Matthews not knowing when he was
going to be tied down. The blow to his ribs choked the air from his
lungs. Gasping as he winced in pain Tobias wanted to put up a
fight though he didn’t have the energy to fight now. 

                           ”Tris if you can hear me— we’ll get out of this.” 

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Ruth hesitated for a moment but she felt the need to be honest with the man and so nodded. “I was set into Abnegation, Erudite, or Candor. She didn’t. She wouldn’t have asked for a Divergent from you if she knew I was there.”

"Three huh? that’s impressive." Brow furrowing in thought he sighed "Jeanine always thought she was a step ahead of everything. It’s good to see someone got something over on her." "I’m Four by the way—" 

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theoschest asked theo’s chest or theo’s back

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We are creating a masterlist for every Divergent roleplayer.

"When [event happening] you just stood there!"
"You made a promise... You lied to us."
"It's time you let the old wounds heal."
"I was so alone."
"I've lost things you could never understand."
"I am sorry that you were never truly loved and it has made you cruel."
"I am NOT yours! You DO NOT own me!"
"You have to let me go."
"This is what you wanted, right? I am letting you go."
"I wanted to be in love with you."
"Remember that you were loved by me, and that you made my life a happy one."
"There are daggers in men's smiles."
"And if the darkness takes you, I want to take me too."
"We are the people."
"Some people are not meant to be happy. They are meant to be great."
"We build a world, so that men like that can lead it. We are the ones who make history. They go down in it."


"I-I just need to shower," Tris took a deep breath and stood up slowly. She still couldn’t seem to catch her breath. "You don’t have to stay here all night you know?" She felt bad that he was watching her. "I’ll be fine with the doctors." He wasn’t her babysitter and though she wanted him to stay she wanted him to know that he could leave.

"I just don’t want you feeling like you have to babysit me. After i’m out of her i’ll have to start figuring things out on my own." She crossed her arms, looking down. "What if I never remember anything. You’d still be my friend right? Or maybe we could just try again or something." She looked back at him sighing. "I’m really sorry."

She walked into the bathroom and started the shower. All she could think about was her mom. Tris closed her eyes as the warm water hit her back. She wanted so badly to remember everything that Tobias was trying to tell her. She stood there for a while wondering if Tobias had left or not.image

Didn’t have to stay— Tobias knew that. He didn’t stay out of
some misplaced obligation. He stayed because this was
Tris and if the roles were reversed he knew she would do
the same for him. There was no doubt in his mind.

          “I’m not babysitting you. I don’t feel like I
               have to do anything Tris. I just know
               that if the roles were reversed you
               would have done the same for me. We
               were a team— slightly dysfunctional but
               a team.”

He smirked trying to lighten the mood even though he knew
that her mind was elsewhere.

Shrugging at her question he answered her quickly.

          “You’ll remember. Sooner or later.”

But, the questions hurt him. It was next to impossible to hide
the sting that the questions inflicted.

          “Yeah— I’ll always be here for you.”

His smile was fake but he didn’t want to upset her.

          “Sure we can try if that’s what you want.” 

As Tris showered Tobias sat back in the chair that he had
made his home. The longer she took the more part of him
wanted to make sure that she was okay but, that would be
babysitting and the last thing that Tobias wanted was for her to